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[This wasn't the first time Robin had ended up in a strange place, but that didn't make it any less unsettling. There were a few parts of the new city he recognized from Jump City here and there, but other parts of the city reminded him of other cities. He found himself a nice building ledge to perch on and looks down at the city scape below him.]

Where is this place and how did I get here?

[Murmurs the words to himself before he takes out his communicator.]

Titans, this is Robin. Can you hear me?

[There's no response right away, but he wasn't expecting one right off the bat. He tries again a couple of times and then reattaches it to his belt, leaving it on. Hopefully he'll hear back from one of the other Titans shortly. In the mean time, he's going to check out the new city and see if he can gather some clues. Takes a few steps backwards, before he takes off running and leaps from one building to the other.]

OOC Post: New Teen Titans in 2012
✗ → Holy fucking shit

New Titans animated shorts in 2012.

I shit you not. If they're popular, we may very well finally get season six.

definitely not what was expected
[Amalgam finds itself with an arrival who is... none too happy to be here. In fact, the look of panic on her face makes it completely obvious of the level of distress she's feeling.]

No. No. O-Okay, I don't know where this is, but I can't be here... I can't--! [Everyone was going to die, and on top of all the horrible things she's done, that will be her fault, too.] NO!

((OOC: I got very easily enabled by your lovely Red X. Hello~ you may be able to guess, but this Terra is taken right after she decides to stop the volcano during Aftershock Part 2. Which... probably explains why she's so panicked.))

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weak, about to collapse, injured, *groan*, oy...
[OOC: For reference, this post takes place shortly after this hurt/comfort meme thread. Anyone, villain or hero, is welcome to stop by and have Bee angst at them chat, but I'd love other Titans Easters or maybe Raven to stop by. <3]

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When past comes back to haunt you
It all started a few days before Raven's birthday, which had always been her most dreaded time of the year.

On the first night, she had nightmares. Very disturbing ones. Fire, chaos, destruction. She could feel the heat radiating from the flames surrounding her, as her nose was filled with the smell of burning flesh. She woke up with a start, nauseous, covered in cold sweat. She had to run to the bathroom as her stomach heaved repeatedly.

On the second night, familiar faces appeared to her in her sleep. Slade. Trigon. Arella. They kept taunting Raven. Telling her she hadn't escaped her Fate, only postponed it. She saw the demon version of herself with her four red eyes and that devious smile. Robin was lying at her feet covered in blood. Starfire was crying silently next to him. "Let me ease your pain, friend," Raven heard her evil self say as she raised her arm above the alien girl, dark energy surrounding her hand and ready to strike. Once again Raven woke up abruptly. It took her a few seconds to realize she was still screaming in terror.

From that day on, Raven decided to lock herself up in her room. She stubbornly refused to let in any of her teammates who, in turn, came banging at her door. When they asked what was wrong with her, she said she was tired, maybe a bit sick and just wanted to be left alone. As usual, they insisted for a while and then gave up.

So here she was, alone in the darkness of her room. The night had come once again and Raven lied in her bed, clutching the sheets tightly around her frame. Soon she felt an increasingly burning sensation course through her body. She raised her hands in front on her and surely enough, she saw them appear on her palms. The ignominous S-shaped glowing red marks. She screw her eyes shut, her hands balling into fists as she started crying soundlessly.

Raven was strong-willed but not enough to go through this again and again for the rest of her life. She couldn't stand it. She felt so alone and helpless.

On what could be
"Going to my room." Raven announced as she got up from the couch, book in hand.

This was her usual way to inform the other Titans they wouldn't see her until the next morning and that she did not want to be disturbed. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Raven levitated back to her room and once the door closed behind her with a metallic sound, she couldn't help but let out a relieved sigh. She sat on her bed, laying the book beside her.

"This is a bad idea. One of the worst you've ever had." She told herself.

After her while though, Raven got up. Her clock indicated quarter to eight. Maybe he was already there, waiting for her. Maybe this had just been a bad joke and he'd never come.

Only one way to find out...

She phased herself through the ceiling of her room heading for the Tower's rooftop.

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brb facepalming forever
[Come on, come on... It'd only been fifteen minutes and Wally still couldn't find what he was looking for. Granted, maybe it wasn't the smartest idea in the world to be searching for it out of costume and thus with about the speed of a turtle (read: a normal person). He'd already scoured the local rental stores.

No luck. Then came the "foreign" sketchy rental place. Despite the lack of personal space and one really weird offer - "rent one movie, get one goat for free!" - he'd left the store empty-handed. Probably a good thing too: he had no idea how his sweetheart would take a goat. Or his mom, for that matter.

He's just about ready to give up hope. If it's not at those places, then where the crap could that movie be? Wally sighs, flopping onto the nearest bench.]

You'd think this movie'd be more popular than that... but nope. Seems no one's heard of it.

[ooc | Despite the icons, for all intents and purposes, KF is in his civilian identity. ♥;]

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Hi guys!

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Titans Together!

What a Mad world we live in.

It's been a few days since the titans beat the Brotherhood of evil, but it feels just like yesterday for Mod, as he finally returned to Jump City. Bloody morons, the brotherhood. He knew their plan would fail, but he went along with it for the allies and to see if he was wrong...

he wasn't.

Truth be told, the plan would have worked better if they had just finished the Titans off lickety split, or if they had just hypnotized them into attacking their friends. Would have finished themselves off, simply and effectively. But no, don't listen to the man who had been the business for roughly thirty years or more, he clearly didn't know what he was talking about.

So Mod had planned ahead of them all, placing a special device on his person to allow the ice around his section to melt, thus freeing him and leaving the others encased in the frozen hell. Not exactly the nicest route of doing things, but he wasn't a nice person. Anyway, the melting would continue to spread, they'd be out sooner or later anyway.

All these thought ran through the Brits head as he stealthily made way to his hideout. He needed to plan his next move, he couldn't afford to be caught now. If you manage to see him slip into a building, feel free to follow him, call the police, or ask for help. Just keep in mind of one thing...

You'll be in his world.

It's about time we had some more girls around here.
Rose - Stance
[Well, Well another new arrival. Don't worry Titans. Rose is on your side for the time being, However if there's any sign of a certain arch-nemesis and his screwy robots she might double-cross you just to get at him.]

Alright I'll deal...

Where in the name of Gotham am I?


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